The Exec

The Executive Committee are responsible for managing the CU as a whole and ensuring that it’s fulfilling the vision as effectively as possible. Although each member has their key focus area, the Exec work as a team to support every part of the CU. The Exec are lead by the Co-Presidents.


Jacob Heasman

I’m Jacob and I co-lead the Christian Union by making sure that everything we do is in line with the overall vision of the CU (to give every student in Durham the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ). This looks like overseeing the day-to-day running of the CU and praying for the lost souls in Durham and the Christians as they seek to witness to them.


Nancy Rose Williams

Nancy co-leads DICCU alongside Jacob to ensure that the vision is carried forward and that all parts of the CU are well supported,


Beth Hoskins

Hi, I’m Beth. My job mostly involves making sure events can go ahead in a way that is safe, allowing people to hear the gospel without distractions! I communicate with other groups to book rooms and generally coordinate the administrative tasks of the CU.


Luke Harbord

The Treasurer is responsible for making sure the finances of the CU are provisioned well and are helping to further the reach of the Gospel in Durham

Outreach Coordinator

Nicole Watkins

Hey! My name is Nicole and I have the privilege of serving the Christian Union as Outreach Coordinator this year. This involves attending and organising the different outreach events, and supporting the outreach committee as we seek to fulfil the vision of Durham CU. We have an incredible opportunity to proclaim the gospel at university through our outreach events and I am excited to see how God will move in our city this year.

International Secretary

David Palmer

The International Secretary is responsible for looking after the outreach of the Gospel to International Students in Durham. This involves overseeing International-focussed events in the CU such as Globe Café, Language Conversation Partners (LCP), and Japanese Conversation Partners (JCP)

College Coordinator

Micheal Osei-George

Hello! I’m Micheal and my job is to oversee and support our many College CUs. This involves meeting regularly with the College Reps (i.e. College CU Leaders) for training and encouragement, and also involves working with the Co-Presidents to decide what the colleges will be looking at in their weekly Bible Studies.

Prayer Secretary

Alban Smith Adams

Hi, I’m Alban Smith Adams, your Prayer Secretary! My role is to lead our weekly Prayer Meetings, providing a space for all members of the CU to come together in faith. I am dedicated to encouraging and fostering a consistent prayer culture within our community. By overseeing and promoting prayer for all CU initiatives, I ensure that our actions and decisions are grounded in prayer, seeking guidance and wisdom for everything we undertake. Join me in lifting up every aspect of our CU’s life in prayer!

Events Committee Chair

Grace Moore

Hiya! I’m Grace and I’m so thankful to be able to serve as the Events Committee Chair this year. This means I get the privilege of working alongside the FABULOUS Events Committee in organising the Christmas Carol Service in the Cathedral and the Events Week in February. These are two amazing events and it’s incredible to have the opportunity for the good news of the Gospel to be shared to so many people through them.

Digital Outreach Coordinator

Heather Magowan

Hi, I’m Heather! As the Digital Outreach Coordinator, I am dedicated to maintaining all the CU’s social media platforms, ensuring we stay connected and relevant in the digital space. My role involves a vibrant mix of content creation, and community engagement, extending our reach far and wide. I’m also at the helm of designing creative leaflets that visually communicate our mission and upcoming events, aiming to both inform and inspire our community!

UCCF Staff Workers

Durham Christian Union, along with CUs in almost every University in the country, is underneath the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF). They provide the CU with guidance and support mainly in the form of staff workers whose job it is to support the CU mission as best that they can!

Tom Widdowson

Staff Worker

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m one of the UCCF Staff Workers supporting Durham CU. I’m originally from Yorkshire but moved to Durham for uni back in 2014 and I’ve been in and around Durham ever since. I met my wife at Durham and our daughter was born here too, so it’s got a special place in my heart. I’ve got an amazing job – I get to encourage and equip Durham CU in their mission to share Jesus with other students. Day-to-day, that looks like mentoring CU leaders, speaking at CU events, helping the CU relate well to local churches and connecting the CU with other CUs around the UK. I do this job because I believe that uni provides a unique opportunity to show people who Jesus is. People from all over the world come to Durham with little or no knowledge of who Jesus is or what He’s done. It’s a privilege to support Durham CU as they display and declare God’s love for a lost world and see lives turned around in Jesus’ name. I can’t wait to get to glory and meet people who came to Christ in some way because of the CU and local churches’ witness in Durham.

Naomi Brehm

Staff Worker

Hello! I’m Naomi (AKA Nomes for short), one of the UCCF Staff Workers supporting Durham CU. Grew up in Hertfordshire, dipped into London and Oxford for a bit, and returned in 2021 to the city I studied in from 2015-2019. Students are the best at reaching students – they lead the mission and Tom and I invest in them as they do so. It’s a privilege to encourage and equip Durham CU to be as effective as possible in reaching every student with the good news of Christ through mentoring, training, seminars, talks and conferences. I love getting to see nervous freshers become fiery finalists, to encourage and cheer on new creative ideas, and to hear first-hand the stories of amazing late-night chats, friends trying out church, international students getting baptised, you name it.

Phoebe Sleeman

Relay Worker

I’m Phoebe, I grew up in a little bit of countryside in London (Oak Hill Theological college whoop whoop), but came to Durham as a student in 2020. I absolutely adored my three years in Durham and getting stuck into CU and seeing all that God is doing in student’s hearts. I had the privilege of witnessing two of my friends from China come to faith, and I got to November of final year and realised I didn’t want to leave Durham CU yet! Relay is a really exciting opportunity for recent graduates to grow in both discipleship and mission in a university context. I have the joy of learning and working alongside students eager for every student in Durham to hear and respond to the gospel, and encouraging them in their faith and mission. Relay is also a chance for me to grow deeper in my love and knowledge of Christ through training with UCCF and one-to-one mentorship.


The CU also have teams outside of the Exec to focus on a large key are of the CU. These are headed up by a member of Exec who will feed back information to the rest of the Team and vice-versa.

Outreach Committee

Hello! We are the outreach committee and we have weekly meetings to plan the different outreach events that we run as a Christian Union. The gospel is pertinent and alive in Durham, and these outreach events provide an abundance of opportunities to witness and tell other students about the good news of Jesus Christ. Outreach in Durham includes our regular events such as Text-a-Toastie, Big Question Lunch Bar and Street Outreach, and our one-off events like our annual Big Question Ceilidh and Creative Arts evening.

Events Committee

Hi there! We are the Events Committee and we exist to allow every student to hear and respond to the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ through the Christmas Carol Service in the Cathedral and Events Week in February. These are two of the biggest events in the Durham calendar as over 1500 people get to attend the Carol Service in the Cathedral and hear about Jesus. Events Week is when we put a marquee in a field opposite the Billy B and have lunchtime, international and evening talks for a week. In past years, over 4000 people have attended this week and had the opportunity to hear and respond to who Jesus is. Our role includes a lot of prayerful planning and we look forward to seeing what God does through these events!

Other Leaders

Separate from the people listed above, we have other people looking after different parts of the CU

Weekend Away Team

Hello! We are Joel (right), Lydia (left) and Naina (not pictured) and we make up the Weekend Away Team responsible for organising our annual CU Weekend Away that takes place in Michaelmas Term. Every year we all head out of Durham to spend time together, make new friends, dig deeper into the Bible and encounter God as a community. It’s a privilege to organise an event that brings together lots of people from the CU in a new setting so we can grow in faith and have fun altogether!

Tech Director

Heya! I’m Paulena and I’m responsible for overseeing all things tech wise for CU! This means co-ordinating the tech rota and set-up for weekly central meetings, weekend aways, and our other events so that people are able to hear and see the gospel presented clearly. A big part of my role is also training CU members in how it all works so that people can get involved and serve in this way!

Worship Coordinator

I’m Thomas, and my job is to facilitate the encouragement and equipping of CU members through live worship music! Practically, this looks like organising a band at Central meetings each week and guiding the themes of the songs we sing to praise God, declare the gospel and fill us with a heart for those who don’t yet know the Lord.

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